Friday, November 20, 2009

Everybody Steps On Me, That Is Why I'm Cracked, You See

Back here I tried to explain what progressive rock is. I then discovered a much better explanation and I urge you all to check it out, even if you don't really care about the definition, and even if you think progressive rock sucks (actually, especially if you think progressive rock sucks). Amazingly, what you are about to experience is absolutely hilarious, while at the same time completely true (Lolly, get your adverbs here). Watch the videos for the full effect. You won't be sorry. Progressive Rock in Five Minutes

And now: World's Worst Mother Attempts Sarcasm

My son Pumpkin (Now 4!) is a picky eater. When it comes to pasta, it usually has to be in mac and cheese form for him to be happy with it. I was making wagon wheel pasta for Einstein, and Pumpkin pouted and refused to have any. I gave him some milk, and refused to make him his own special meal. The difficulties of parenting need to be taken out on the kids, of course, so I gave my son this gracious attitude: "Well, I'm glad you are having milk for dinner. Hope you enjoy your milk dinner!"

Fortunately, the child was not in any way affected. "Mama, after my milk dinner, can I have candy?"


MS said...

I really did LOL at this one (the candy)! Gotta give him credit!

Shtuey said...

What will you do when he refuses to wear practical clothing to school and agrees to go naked? I have seen this stubbornness level before, and I have to say I respect it.

12tequilas said...

So what happened when you went to school naked, Shtuey? You need to tell the whole story.

12tequilas said...

It is certainly true the kid knows what he wants. It can be frustrating, but it is ultimately a good thing.

cotopaxis said...

With my kid, a milk dinner and no candy would have been just fine. The problem was getting her to finish off her plate, even when it had her favorite foods on it. (No eating disorder and definitely not a picky eater, just not that into food.)

On prog rock: my favorite bits: how to choose a prog rock band name; and the 160 gig iPod can hold up to 40 prog rock songs!